One night I turned off my computer. The next day it wouldnt turn on. The power light comes on and blinks rapidly, now I cant get it to turn off or on. There is no boot up, no nothing. I real new to messing with computers so Ive been hesitant to open it up. But then I dont know what Im doing anyway. If anyone can help figure out this I would greatly appreciate it

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have you tried holding the power button in for about 10-15 seconds? this will usually kill the power to the board. Then power up and see how it goes from there.

Yeah, Ive tried holding in the power button, held it for 2 minutes and the light doesnt go out. There is nothing running on the computer, it just wont turn off and the light blinks very rapidly. It hasnt booted up either. No fans running, no nothing. I turned it on one day and all it did was start blinking.

Have you tried pulling the power cord from the back of the system and plugging it back in? If so does it still do the same thing?

Yeah Ive pulled the plug and even turned off the switch where the power cord goes. Same thing happens, as soon as I plug it back in the light is still rapidly flashing and not doing anything else

If you are plugged into a surge protector or UPS, try plugging it straight into the wall. If killing the power for a few minutes doesn't do the trick, it sounds like a hardware failure. Could be faulty power supply, or mainboard as the first possible culprit. I would suggest getting it looked at by a competent technician.

I think RAM is dead

If it is the ram shouldn't the fan inside be still running?

I think it may be a power supply or the mother board.

I think its the power supply or the mobo thats gone, dont think there would be any issues with the RAM, dead ram would simply bring a blue error screen but other hardware would still function like the fans, drives etc.

Lets just hope it is the PSU not the mobo for ya.


Thats what Im thinking PSU or MOBO lets hope its your PSU for expense sake. try another PSU first in your machine you might just find the solution.if you can remember something suspicious that happend when it was working good/previous night you might just find an a hint to what might have caused it.

I have one the same. y plug it in and just blinking. start fan for a few seconds. and start blink. I think is MOBO

im having the same exact problem....but i replaced cmos battery and power its my motherboard that faulty?

You have piggybacked on an old thread. (27 Days Ago)
Unplug any/all CD/DVD, Floppy (if fitted) any/all hard drive and remove your Video card. Plug your monitor directly into the motherboard. Try to see if you get a message on the monitor.
What ever happens, start your own thread and give a lot of details about your PC and OS. How long this has been happening, what you have loaded or updated etc... And explain what you have tried.

Hi highlandshighsc and welcome to Daniweb,
Please read the rules for posting in these forums. No piggybacking, as you have done. No abuse to other posters, as you have done.
And as a matter of interest the odds are about 90% chance of RAM being the problem of no video display to about 10% mobo.
Therefore, start your own thread, don't use your post to be abusive, get your facts straight and supply much more information if you require assistance.

when ever the blinking light comes up, that means the mother board is dead... you can call the company and check if your warrnty is still valid.. if its not i think you need to buy a new motherboard.. but before you do that make sure you have the right rams and video card that can fit in the motherboard.

This kind of problem generate through RAM problem or In your System SMPS power supply error.Check it out.

am also having te same problem with my dell optiplex dx240. i tried another power supply and it worked

I have got a problem with my computer. When I switch it on it goes on and off, I mean the power light goes on and everything runs, but after 4 seconds it goes off and on again and off repeatly. So what could be wrong?

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Seems like overheating. Clear the dust in the heatsink ( Laptop ).

Hi, i'm having a problem, the power light and moniter light blink at different time. And the moniter doesn't show anything!!!!

Have you try using an external monitor and see whether you can see anything. Open up your case and reseat the ram chips. What is your computer brand and model?

my computer shutdown unexpectedly. the processor is dead but still there is light on the on and off button. If i turn it on again; it wont open so i need to unplug the cable from the back of the pc and plug it on again for many times until the processors run again. What do you think seems the problem? The Motherboard or the power supply?

If the pc is able to start up sometimes, then I think it is the PSU. But it is just a guess.

You should try to replace the psu, or try it in another pc, to be sure. :)

I'm afraid if its not the PSU then there could have been a power surge from the adaptor that directly killed the mobo dc socket, expensive to replace.

My computer is doing the same thing.....I had a breaker in the house to trip...The computer made a popping noise when I flipped the breaker back on...Now the power button on the front of the tower part is flashing orange and wont do anything.... Please help

My computer is doing the same thing.....I had a breaker in the house to trip...The computer made a popping noise when I flipped the breaker back on...Now the power button on the front of the tower part is flashing orange and wont do anything.... Please help

hi, the popping noise isn't good for sure ,it may have toasted the motherboard,but that only a guess from a distance ,start by testing the power supply ,unplug power cord ,open tower and remove all addin cards and try turning it on,a fried network adapter or other card could stop it from booting .
testing a power supply ,i suggest using a piece of covered wire and not a paper clip or at least put some electrical tape on the paper clip

I have the same problem with my computer and I am a certified tech. I have come to the conclusion that the motherboard if fried. The cause of the problem on mine was the power board came loose and shorted out on the metal casing suddenly. This caused the motherboard to catch a surge and fry. Not really sure if this helps anyone but there you go.

sounds to me like the mobo, had a hp do this to me once

am having the same problem too and the monitor does not show nothing.

My computer recently started randomly shutting off but it wasn't always hot when it did. It did it like twice before and then last night while I was watching a movie on it it shut off and won't turn back on but when I press the power butter the power light blinks and nothing happens. This computer cannot die on me it's my moms computer but my life is on it!! Well not really but it has iTunes on it it and losing that would devastate me!

commented: Ways to troubleshoot your Windows PC when it won't turn on Try a different power source. Try a different power cable. Let the battery charge. +0
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