PLease help!! i unplugged my pc for one day while building a new desk. Then today i hooked everything up and plugged in the pc to the wall . When i turned on the swtch ion the back the light on the power button began to flash as well as my keyboard lights, and my speakers were pulsating as well, PLease help!!! I opend the pc but found no evident damage or loose parts.

PLease help me fix this, it was working fine just yesterday

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Settle down and be more specific, man.
How many beeps (I figure that's what you said by "pulsating"), (short, long) and wich motherboard do you have.

open the case up and pull out the ram sticks. blow some air in the slots you pulled the ram out of and put the ram back in and make sure they are firmly clicked down on both sides. turn it back on and see if it works.

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