Hi everybody,

A friend has given me, almost 2 years back, a splitted parts for a couple of PCs. Almost 2~3 monitors, 3 PC cases, and some other PC-related components which I'm not aware of.

2 days back, I decided to check them, assemble, to bring them back to life by making them function first, then to install the necessary recent software, Windows 10, and try MS Edge.

Anyways, checked and skimmed through a lot of online guides, they weren't helpful - at all - in my case. I have parts that I don't know their name, functions, not sure what's already there and what's missing.

So looking forward for your help guys, guide me through the instructions and I'll get my hands dirty to yield actual results.

Thanks in advance!

There's plenty of YouTubes about building your first PC. If you don't know the parts, you watch the YouTubes and then if that's not enough take a community college class on PC repair. You'll learn a lot there and have instant answers to "what is this?"

I have yet to see any forum do what you ask.

There is a What is this Reddit. Here it is-> https://www.reddit.com/r/whatisthisthing/