Hi i have a 512MB Memory Ram DDR2 (i know it's too low) i put it on a desktop computer and when i check it only have 256MB Ram is that possible? i mean decreasing 512MB and make it 256MB Only?

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Yes it is possible because of a couple of things.

If it is a Dell and is set for OS install mode in the bios. It decreases the available ram to 256MB.
IF you have two ram chips and one is either the wrong speed, bad or a different speed.

so what should i do to avoid decreasing my memory?

First you need to determine what memory is actually in the computer and how many chips (SIMMs - Single Inline Memory Modules) you have. Next figure out what speed or type they are (PC3200, PC2100, PC2700, etc.) and are the chips the same type.
Tell me that and I will be able to tell you more.

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