I just bought the ASUS X99-PRO / USB 3.1 motherboard. I put it into a Corsair 800D case, that has 7 fans. I need to split the fan connectors to handle 2 fans each, and the top 3 fans all together from 1 fan connector. How much power in watts is provided by the fan connectors on the motherboard?
Note: The book explains that the CPU fan connector provides 12 watts at 12 volts, and makes no mention of the power output of the chassis fan connectors.

The trick is controlling the speed on ALL fans.

If I were to plug a 1=2 splitter onto a case fan connector, (not a CPU fan connector), both fans would run and the computer can control the speed for efficient cooling. But the case fan outlet doesn't provide enough power to run any more than 1 fan.

I've seen a 1=3 splitter, and only 1 fan will get the wire that reports speed, and power is reduced to control the fan speeds.

Now if you use a different power source, other than the motherboard's case fan outlet, you can't control the fan speed. But this model looks like you can. Does it control the speed of ALL fans connected to it based on the setting fed to it from the motherboard fan outlet? IOW all fans get matching speeds?

As to the trick I linked to a product that seemed to do this. If you claim the motherboard already does this, why the question?

The motherboard doesn't have 1 socket for each fan and there are 7 of them. And the sockets don't have enough power to split them to run 2 or 3 fans on 1 socket.

So I want to run the power from 1 socket into this gadget you mention to run the 3 top fans and control all three with matching speeds through motherboard settings/controlls. It looks like this thing will do that. And with 8 ports on this unit, there will be 5 open/unused.

At 14 bux, I'll get a second one for the hard drive fans (2 of them) and they'll run at same speeds controlled by the motherboard.

2 other chassis fans will plug into the 2 remaining sockets and I'm set.
Thank you for the post.

For a 4 pin peripheral the red cable will provide 5 and the yellow 12.

I know that. How many watts at 12 volts? You'll see it's not enough to run any more than 1 fan with the exception of the CPU fan. Asus's book says 12 watts there. But doesn't address the wattage of the other case fan sockets.

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