Hello, I have a Abit-AN-M2HD mother board, with a Athlon 64x2 processor, I have the exact same motherboard up and running that I am using now.. I installed cpu fan, power supply is working fine, have reset cmos through pin and battery, have back fan and front fan both running fine, used both radon pciex card and nvidia getting no post and no signal to monitor, have tried onboard still no monitor, all fans, hard drive, DVD drives, lights come on work, fan on video cards turns everything seems to work except for no signal to monitor.. I am at a loss now as to what could be wrong. rechecked all connections, inserted ram in different slots, still no post or monitor signal, I know psu works because I took it out of my working computer 2 days ago when I upgraded my main. its a 550 psu.. I upgraded my main to a 750. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. thanks..

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Good-day Wanda,
First point. Without wishing to offend - your use of English is imprecise. Troubleshooting a non-working PC demands precision in observation AND in the ability to describe the symptoms of the failure.
Take a few moments to read your post before you press "send".
I assume the problem is a non-working CPU, but you don't say that directly.

When you say, "power supply is working fine" - did you measure the voltage on various rails, or did you simply assume this because you "took it out of my working computer 2 days ago"?

However, on the balance of probability your PSU may (MAY) be OK!

The failure of your machine to report a POST suggests that the problem lies with the CPU.

The most common cause of failure

I agreed to the above poster comment.

Here are some of my personal suggestions:
1. have we tried the other monitor and the other working video cable since no video display sometimes could have caused by the faulty monitor video cable.
2. take the RAM all off the mobo, power on and hear if there is any beep sounds. If no, we may doubt the mobo.
3. CPU worth to check, we may try reseat the CPU carefully.

Hope these help,

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