my second article regarding my mac and windows. these problems only started when I got windows 10.
my mac was insleep mode and was charging and...well...I was sleeping... I got up cuz I heard a loud humming noise and realized it was my computer. it was really hot. I carefully picked it up and lifted the lid. logged in. AND NOTHING WAS OPEN!??
I opened task manager and nothing was needing that much power from my cpu/gpu
the fan kept on going until I shut it down

why did this happen ?

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Since it's an Apple, back to Apple to see if they have updated drivers and such. W10 is, here, different enough that I'm checking drivers on all the PCs that I upgraded. Since yours is an Apple, well you get the drivers from Apple.

And just so it's written, who said Task Manager tells all?

Also, there could be a heat issue in your machine if airflow is blocked or fans aren't spinning at correct speeds.

You can buy a can of compressed air for a few dollars. Use it to blow though the small vents on the unit and remove any dust buildup. IIRC there are utilities on the mac that will report on fan health also. Make sure they all work and spin properly.

commented: I've changed my canned air advice to every 1st of the month to the vents. +9

Its not because of the OS but due to the system. Check your system once again.

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