i hope someone will be readin this and resolve my problem.
i own a toshiba satellite c650 laptop.
its front cover and hinges were broken so i plucked up some courage to repair it myself.
i got the required parts and watched some youtube video tutorial to disassemblt the machine.
The laptop was otherwise working fine.
However after reassembling i connected the video connecting wire on to the motherboard.
when i switched on the power it would not turn on. the fan would not spin. etc.
so i took the wire off and retried powering it on. it would not turn on,
after a few trials it suddenly switched on . i could not recall what i had done for that to happen.
Anyways, again i tried to reassemble the parts and connected the lcd video cable into the motherboard to test whether that was causing the problem.
Again the same thing happened, it would not turn on.
After repeated trials the machine still would not relent.
i am at a complete loss on what to do. Please someone help me to resolve the problem.
I am not having the finance to get it repaired elsewhere.

While I sympathize over the loss, there's not much magic here. Laptops are notoriously fickle when they get old. Watch a few more youtube disassemble videos and carefully go over your work.

But there's a generice reset I try on dead PCs that is worth a shot. Power off, remove charger and battery, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds. Release, slip in battery, apply power and test.

Battery does not work anymore . i tried doing it but didnt power on.

@jttslg. So that battery. I worry now that a dead battery was left in the laptop possibly causing strain to the main board and more. I see that a lot. A lot of folk don't understand that a bad battery is a bad thing.

i actually don't fit the battery. the problem started when i plugged the video cable into the motherboard. till then everything was working fine

@jttslg. When 2 parts that should work together don't then one of them is likely gone. In bad cases, both. Dead laptops are not easy to deal with since you need good spares to swap out the suspect part. That's not cheap and usually reserverved for use in repair depots.

At this point you go over the work again and see if you skipped something like and insulator mounting and hope.