Hello, just wanna try my luck if you can help me, i got my new ps/2 keyboard just a week ago
ill cut right to the chase, so this week my keyboard is automatically backspacing for no reason, so i tried opening my keyboard.. blow some dust,cleaned... then plugged now it gets worse ,some keys are responsive some dosent type, nor type wrong letters, literally nothing is showing up... I dont want to buy a new one cause lol, its just a week ago since i bought it..

P.S. typed with on screen keyboard, and yes i might voided my warranty..
win7 ult

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Just saying this out of necessity, sorry if you knew this already. Whenever you are connecting or disconnecting a PS/2 keyboard you need to turn off the computer first.

Check the pins in the keyboard connector, do they all look straight and undamaged?

Can you try it in a different computer? If so, are the same keys faulty?

If you are using a Windows operating system do you know how to uninstall the keyboard in devices or device manager? Uninstall the keyboard and then let Windows find it.

If none of the suggestions in this thread help can you return this keyboard?


OKay thanks for the advices guys, i ws able to return it.. so yes i hope ill learn from that thank you

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