So as the title says, my main display monitor is showing a white screen, from the point of startup. Before this started happening, I started seeing a blue screen effect over my regular desktop. I have two monitors, my main one (which is the one with the problem) and a smaller one (that one works fine). You can see only a white screen on the big screen but on the smaller monitor you can see perfectly fine. I tested the big monitor with my PS4, and it works fine. What could be the issue? The monitor with the problem is connected through a VGA cable, and the smaller working monitor is hooked up with an HDMI. It really bothers me, because I have them setup as extended, so I can't really see what I'm doing. Please help.

Have you tried another vga cable? Or another vga monitor? Did you use the same cable on the PS4? If so, then your computer has a problem with the vga adapter or connector.

I did, I tried the same cable (VGA) on the small monitor, and it showed up just fine. So now it makes even trickier to figure out. I didn't use the same cable for the PS4 because it doesn't have a VGA slot. Is it the VGA input from the TV, that is maybe damaged?

Screen itself I guess if it worked before that then likely the monitor is about to go.

Hmm, but it doesn't make sense, because the same monitor (TV) works just fine with the PS4. :(

There is a very good reason why VGA connector has all those pins: Power, grounding, color, etc. Sounds like the VGA adaptor on the monitor is the issue here. The monitor is still good but the Female VGA adaptor is not grounding well. Try a VGA to HDMI adapter and connect back as usual to see if you can bypass the syncing issue.

First try a new VGA Cable and if problem not solved then go to local repair shop they can solve your problem

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