Hi, Im new here., and i'm not really a pro when it comes to hardware problems. So I really really need help.
I have a computer, Windows XP, the first problem i encoutered was my computer keeps shutting down without any warning, no bluescree/blackscreen, It just shut down unexpectedly. I have a hard time turning my PC again, It tooks how many press to Power Button until It works again but what i noticed is my keyboard and mouse is not working anymore, It stuck.
I tried to restart it by using reset button and run in Safe mode. And mouse and keyboard is working fine. But theres a pop error. I attached the image of that error.
Please Help me. I dont know what to do.

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1) that pop up in safe mode is 100% normal. Its simply telling you 'you are in safe mode'.

2) A machine that powers off for no reason is usually indicative of a heat issue or power supply issue. I would get a can of air for a few bucks, open up the system and blow out all the dust in the fans, vents, and powersupply then retest. A faulty power supply can be swapped with another, matching power supply as a test. More serious issues can be cpu overheating, components coming loose form the board....

3) if mouse/kbd work in safe mode, but not normal mode, then do this. Run msconfig.... in this window you can disable startup items from launching in normal mode. Disable everything, then start normally. IF it works, then some program is breaking your usb/mouse/kbd. Start enabling items one by one, reboot and testing each step. Eventually, you'll find your culprit.

Thank you @CimmerianX, Here's what iv'e noticed after i check my system unit, i turn on my computer again and it works this time, but i saw that the Fan of my power supply is not working, and the CPU fan stop working suddenly, so my computer shutdown again. Do i need to replace my Power supply now? or theres a way to fix it. Ive research and they all said that it needs to be replace. :(
--My mouse and keyboard is working fine now, after i transfer it to another USB port.

IF the CPU fan isn't turning, just change that fan. Also, some MBs shut down the fans based on temp.... in BIOS there may be a setting to have fan run all the time.

Depending on your CPU and cooling, the fans are usually very simple to swap. THe Fan is usually screwed onto the heat sync on top of the cpu. a lever will typically hold the heat sync in place on top of the CPU. pop the heat sync off, unscrew the fan and unplug it from the board. Buy the exact replacement from amazon or monoprice or anywhere. Get some new heat sync compound too. Screw fan to heat sync, apply compound between cpu and heatsync, secure heatsync back on, and plug in the fan to the board.

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