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A couple days ago, my notebook keyboard suddenly stopped responding to ANY input at all. Tried pressing every key and combination I could see, but no reaction. The mouse was working and the PC showed no other strange behaviour. I pressed the power button to put it to sleep, and then woke it up. The keyboard worked fine. This problem kept repeating and became increasingly frequent over the span of a few days. Now it's reached the stage where only a full restart will fix the problem, and that doesn't work every time.

I took the whole system apart and checked the wires, made sure everything was connected properly, and gave everything a clean and refitting just to make sure - no solution there. I also uninstalled the two keyboard drivers that were installed, and reinstalled them - no solution there, either. Nothing I've done seems to have affected the keyboard at all.

Sometimes, the Caps Lock light flashes slowly after starting up - I can only assume it's trying to tell me something, but I can't figure it out. I'm running Windows 10 on a 64bit system. Can anyone think of any possible solutions? Thanks in advance!

Duplicate? Anyhow, given the story I would not give a nod to this being hardware or software. I worry about older machines (you didn't tell much about the laptop), torrent users (who get the latest malware it seems) and then the continent of folk that install 10 but don't install motherboard and other drivers to finish the job.

The caps lock flashing could be maker dependant yet you left out the detail for others to look further. Do that research now.

I would suggest booting a live CD/DVD of Linux and see if the keyboard works with that. Also, check your BIOS settings. You may need to reset that and clear out the flash memory that it uses. Usually you either need to turn the system off, remove the battery, and then hold down the power button for a minute. Some systems will require that you short out a couple of contacts on the motherboard. You have find out from your system hardware vendor's tech support department how to do that.