i have a sony vaio pcg-7m1m with it's dvd-rom broken
now i need to reinstall my OS (i made a bootable USB) and i can't find in the BIOS an option for it to boot from a flash drive

does anyone know if this model is capable of booting from a flash drive? do i have to install something?

Replies are greatly appreciated!
kind regards.

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Instead of going into set up look for a boot menu key, this is what you want. If your computer doesnt have an OS it will boot from the Flash Drive automatically. However if you cant access the boot menu, in settings you will find something along the lines of 'boot priority' and set the USB as the first priority on boot, if that doesnt work you can even make it so it doesnt recognise the HDD with the OS on. Then it will boot from the USB s default.


thank you very much for your replies!
in the end, i borrowed a dvd-rom drive from a friend.

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