About a month ago my power supply went out and killed my motherboard with it. So after getting this fixed and putting in a 500 watt power supply with dual fans, the computer was running great again. Then about a week ago my computer shut off without warning. I let the computer cool down until the next day and then hit the power button and got absolutely no response.

I have tried a new power cord and new outlet, and still get no response. The only response I get is when I plug in the power cord I get a slight noise from the power supply, but once I try to turn it on nothing happens. I haven't checked the power supply to see if it blew or not yet, but I don't see why it should have wen't out when its brand new.

The computer does not have alot of fans and it sits in a somewhat hot room, but I have it in a location that is very open so no hot air recirculates back into the case.

Maybe I just got a bad power supply and I'm unlucky. :rolleyes: Any ideas would be appreciated on the best approach for getting this fixed.

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