I have a Sony Vaio SVE1511C5E which turns on and off, an endless loop. I tried everything to find out the reason. Finally I got the BIOS IC out, put it into a reader and tried to update the BIOS, however, there is no .bin file to programm the IC available. I have already searched the whole internet.

A BIOS dump from a similiar machine would be a great help. Does anyone eventually have a BIOS file (spi flash, .bin)?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best regards,

Ali Baradaran

How old is this bugger? My wife had a Vaio years ago which was a bit of a pig. She switched to an Apple Macbook Pro and never looked back.

This case is actually up to date from right now. The problem is that any BIOS dump I tested results in "No Operating System Found". I tried several dumps and ways to get the laptop working, however I had no success up to now.

Sony provides a BIOS Update, which can only be run under Windows. I tried to boot up from the same hard disk drive by connecting it as an external device via USB with no luck. Windows crashes.

Any suggestions what to do more?

From the story so far, you never wrote the HDD is not working so I'll take it the OS is blown or someone installed it when the BIOS was set to IDE emulation and the default is other. Anyhow, if the HDD is detected but no OS found, wipe the drive and install an OS.