ok here is what I have done so far. I removed the battery removed power cable..no power going to the laptop now. pushed and held power button for minimum of 30 seconds or more. added battery only then tried to power up, only middle green light flashed, then nothing. I then removed battery then hit power button again for minimum of 30 seconds or longer, then plugged in power cord, amber light power light stayed on, then i hit the power button and again amber light then green middle light came on for just a second or so, then nothing ....re did above reset then plugged in both battery and power cord and again amber and green light flashed then nothing..battery laptop are both about 7 yrs old running xp home edition sp2. We also checked the power pack and it was showing 19 on the volt meter....hopefully this is correct...I was under the impression that the laptop would run without a battery if it were plugged in...any help would be greatly appreciated. I really cant afford to buy a new laptop, not to mention I really don't want win 8...I have vista and xp only. thanks in advance


It depends some laptops will not run without the battery. Have you checked to see if the charging light comes on with the battery in the laptop and plugged in? One of the easiest areas to damage on a laptop is where the power adapter is connected to the laptop. If the charging light is not coming on then check for a repair shop in your area that repairs the power ports.

I understand how you feel about not wanting Windows 8 and many of the laptops that are available will run windows 7 and you just have to find someone who can do the installtion for you.

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