One day I was surfing on internet and suddenly my sony vaio laptop stopped working. I tried to restart it but nothing happend. There is no sound no light absolutely nothing. I tried different power cord and also tried another battery but nothing happend. Is my motherboard gone? How can I take its backup? I tried to open it but it looks impossible for me. My model is PCG-z505 cr/k (japanese model).
Please help me!!!

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When you say no light, do you mean the LCD is blank, or the power indicator and battery charging lights don't come on? If no power or charging lights come on and the battery is charged and the power supply is working, then it is most likely a motherboard problem. Your post says you tried a different power cord, but did you try a different AC adapter? If your adapter is bad and you depleated the battery, your laptop would shutdown and no lights would come on when connect to the AC mains. Your laptop should use a 19.5 volt AC adapter. If you are comfortable with taking the laptop apart, the Vaio 505 is not that hard to disassemble if you just take your time. If you are not comfortable with taking the laptop apart, you can easily turn your laptop into an expensive paperweight, then you should take it to a Sony repair center or other qualified technician.

Thanks for your reply BuggZ. No light, mean the LCD is blank and the power indicator and battery charging lights don't come on. I have tried diferent AC adapter and different battery too. Yesterday I diassembled my laptop but after that I could not undersatnd much. So I did little cleaning and packed it again. Is there any way to find/correct the motherboard problem.

If you have some experience troubleshooting electronic circuits and a good multi-meter you may be able to diagnose the problem. It sounds like the failure is in the input power circuitry. One simple check is to make sure the power jack inside the laptop is connected to the motherboard and the wires are not broken. You should be able to check the wires with a meter set to the "Ohms" or "Continuity" setting. The resistence should read 0 Ohms between the jack and the motherboard connector end of each wire. The red wire connects to the center conductor on the jack and the black wire connects to the outer shield. There is also a fuse on the motherboard about 1/2 inch from the connector for the dc power jack. The fuse is a small white rectangle with the rating marked on it (5A). The fuse is a surface mount type. you can damage the fuse and the motherboard if you overheat the board trying to replace it.

Thanks again BuggZ. I can do this much but I dont have multimeter with me. Let me see if I can arrange one. otherwise I will take it to a technician. Thanks for your help and advice.

Where are you located at? Maybe a member can offer some suggestions on a repair shop close to you.

I am in matsuyama, Japan. I don't think I can find sombody here.

Close but not quite close enough. I work on Okinawa and have repaired several laptops.

I have the GRX770 vaio. It would intermittently go dead and/or not start.... nothing. I didn't find my solution here but removed the panel at the base of the screen that holds the start button. (Just a screw at one end really) I found two small flat cables. IF IT'S ONE OF THESE CABLES and it's totally dead it's the one that comes off the start button (on the right end of the panel on the GRX770). If it lights up a bit by hitting the start button and then quits, it's the one on the left. They're about $14.00. If it/they look even a little 'troubled' it could be the problem and easiest to just get a new one before spending a few hundred. It fixed mine.

Same problem here...SONY VAIO VGN-T27C/L
randomly shuts down by itself. will turn on sometimes, but will turn off again...have no idea what's going on...SONY tech guy could not help either...

my battery charger fell down on the ground yesterday, and when I tried to connect it, it didn´t work. I already checked the fuse and the cables and they seemed to be good.
Can you help me with that?

samehere i got sony vaio vpceb3l0e and yesterday it was all good but suddenly it switched itself off and the next thing is its dead no responce what so ever. I checked the cable and battery they both are working good ,,i think its a motherboard or the female adapter point.

My sony vaio was working perfect fine and suddenly died. I had shown it to a technical guy and he had suggested that it might be the issue with power chip or display chip and repairing which will cost me about 40$ to 90$.

I have this problem too. I played a game and it said that battery is low. And when i connected it to cable it shuts down. Now looks dead.... I think it can be some bug. Or all our motherboards died by same way?? (sorry for bad English :D)

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