To start off i have a custom built pc.
XFX Nforce 780i SLI intel socket 775 mobo
2 SLI XFX geforce 8800gt Alphas
2 OC 2gb dual Ch RAM
Intel quad core 2.40ghz/8m
Western Dig 120gb HD
OCZ 700watt PS

Well recently when i've been playing a game wether it was wow or Diablo 2 it would freeze for a couple mins and then shut off. I would reboot and it would go through all the tests and then it would have the message telling me that my processer had gotten to hot and it shut down to prevent any damage. So it did that like 5 or 6 times within the last 4 days then all of a sudden today it just died. I tryed to boot it and I got no beep codes or anything it would show that it gets power and turn on for a couple seconds then die. Im guessing it's either my processor or my power supply because i've had this sorta thing happen before but never without beep codes.
Any thoughts are appreciated Thanks..


Sounds like a nice machine!

Looks a little under powered though for running to 8800's though!

My first point would be for future reference: If your machine is telling you it's getting to hot, then for pete's sake dont persist in running it. Get some more cooling!

Short burst and then shut down, generally indicates a blown something! At the overheat shutdown and it's a no brainer.

I think you would be best off getting your hands on a mobo tester and a psu tester. Then take it from there. as it is a quad core setup buying new hardware could be a little costly. You'd want to make sure you've got a pretty good idea where your going to spend your first dollar.

You could take it into a shop and ask them to just run the tests on it!

Once you get it sorted I'd recomend a bigger psu and some more cooling, airflow through the case and upgrade the graphics cards fans! And I hope your not running a stock cooler on the cpu with two 8800's on board???

Or if you want to diy (do it youself) Then you could try these steps:

Check the heatsink connection to the mobo, is it pluged in properly or is it loose?

Remove the graphics cards and see if the machine will post with out them!

remove a stick off ram and see if the machine will post ( do this alternately)

If still no sign of posting, then try to borrow a psu or use one from another machine and try to get it to post without the cards in.

See if that gets you anywhere and report back to us

Your computer sounds well balanced, but maybe your fan is not powerful enough for your processor? You may have damaged the cpu from so much overheating.