i took out the memory and put it back in >.<

eh now its not working.... again...

Like I said, its not fixed until you can make the problem go away AND come back. OK, is the card AGP or PCI?

PCI i think

i'll be back in a while dinner...

Well PCI is a white slot and AGP is a shorter normally brown slot with a retention clip around it (sometimes)

My sons eMachine just started giving me the No Signal message on his computer and that's it. Any suggestions as what I can do?
I have already unplugged and replugged and only once did it go to the Windows screen, but the mouse wouldn't work after I logged in. Now when I turn it on it just sounds like its running and that's it. Please help if you can.


Tina Lynn

sounds to me like one of the pins on the monitor cord are bent or broke off. unplug the monitor from the computer(not from the wall)
and look at the pins are any of them bent over or broke off.

oh maybe not i didn't read all the post.

shouldn't be your ram or bios being properly seated or it would keep beeping not just beep once but i mite be wrong. i would unplug your bios(if you have plug n play bios) and your ram and plug them back in. to make sure. some times ram burns out. but very very very rare. good luck

I'm going to play along with your idea here shawn. I'm getting the distinct impression from what i've been reading that the problem may be a bad graphics card or motherboard if our friend is using on baord graphics.

There might even be a resource conflict somewhere which is preventing both the graphics and the keyboard from working.

Can we please have some more information on the specs of the machine in difficulties.;)

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