Yeah I know this is probably the wrong forum to post this on but oh well, the community here usually helps me out...

I got Oblivion and I was playing it and first the sound was messed up, I installed the new patch and changed my sound setup and that was fine.
I got into the game and its awesome!
There are some spots though where there seems to be some graphical....how should I say..glitches,problems...errors...you get the point.

I dont have any screen shots with me right now...
Ill try to explain it.
In certain spots it will do this odd "static-multi colored effect" type thing and I will see it on my display.
It lasts for a while and it goes away.
For example, when I cast a summoning spell, it happens all around the screen except for some spots, like where the creature i summoned popped up...thats clean but around that...it looks like some one "sneezed" on the screen...
Another place i saw a weird effect like this was at the oblivion gate I found in Kvatch " the first oblivion gate entry spot."
You have to walk up this hill and while I was walking saw the static effect and when I looked at the gate...I got this weird "clear wave effect" eminating from the portal....
Its the strangest thing....:rolleyes:

Would anyone possibly know why this is happening???
I got a ATI x1600 have resloution on 800x600....medium settings...
Any answers?!
Thank you.

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I have this game for the 360 and there are a lot of visual things like that but I think those effects may be part of the game.


No, its not part of the game.
The "particle" effect is but the stupid error thats comes with it is not.
The multi colored static effect is not part of the game, its just annoying and I want help.


i have oblivion on the pc and all of the portals have that weird wavy thing around it ;)

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