Hi there,

I'm not to clue'd up on the technical side of things and have just had a pretty serious problem with my computer (at a seriously bad time).

Basically I was using my computer, nothing special just doing my usual work, and it totally freezes. It doesn't crash often and I've not had any real problems in a long time. So I hard reboot. It boots, gets to the user login page and freezes again. So I hard reboot again. This time it asks me if I want to boot in safe mode/normal etc. I opt for normal, it seems to be fine, gets to the splash screen and reboots itself. Same if I try to boot in safe (except it doesn't get to the splash screen at all).

I get out my windows cd and try to get it to boot from the CD. It doesn't do anything, so I finally get into BIOS and switch it to boot primary from the CD drive and get the CD to boot. In the recovery console I chkdsk /r and it tells me that it's discovered one or more unrecoverable errors? Something like that (can't remember off the top of my head) and doesn't continue to run chkdsk, stopped at 51%.

I reboot again and this time it won't even boot off the CD.

It makes some awful sounds. I really quiet beep (which my power light flickers on and off in time too), what I can only describe as a chirpping sound (sounds a bit like a really fast talking cricket :) ), and a quiet grinding sound. Very worried.

Recon this is a HDD problem? Something else or a bit of both? I really need to get this sorted by tomorrow, which is a Sunday and thus unlikely, but college deadlines. Ugh.

Any help or insight as to what my next step should be would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I don't have another computer or spare HDD's to test with.



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90 % it is a dying HD
10 % it is a loose HD cable.

My best advice is to check the cable or (even better) replace it.
If the cable is fine, you'll need new HD, and a prayer to recover the files you can't afford to lose from your half-dead HD.

Hope you had backups. (note to self: create backups)

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