Hi...I changed the batteries in my wireless GE keyboard...directions on bottom says I need to re-link afterwards....re-link how? I've shut off pc, unplugged the receiver and replugged it in...also...1 more question...if my pc is unplugged for a day or so, due to moving...I have to use the hairdryer to make the fan spin in the back until the green light stops flashing and stays on...wondering why? Thanks for your help!

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There should be a reset button on the underside of the keyboard. Also, make sure the device the keyboard interfaces with is reset.

Regarding a fan, I supose it is a PSU fan. It's probbably stuck with dirt and needs cleaning. Some fans have a sticker in the middle, under which you can put some grease on the shaft. New fan is rather cheap (and the only real) solution.

I just got a GE wireless keyboard off Craigslist - the relink button is underneath the fold-down feet on the bottom of the keyboard. I pressed relink on the received dongle and then on the keyboard and mine sprung into life.

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