I upgraded Windows Me to Windows XP and my CD burner, Lite-On LTR 48246S is not recognized by my CDRWIN burning program. I installed the Lite-On myself and have used it for months, but I have lost the installation CD for the burner. It seems as if a driver is missing.

You may have an early version of CDRWin which is not compatible with Windows XP. Did you run the 'Upgrade Compatibility' utility on the Windows XP CD before you performed the upgrade?

In any case, CDRWin is not the best of burning programs by any stretch of the imagination. I would suggest that you uninstall it and replace it with something better, such as Nero. For mow, though, try this:

- Uninstall CDRWin
- From 'Device Manager', uninstall your CD burner.
- Reboot, and allow Windows XP to redetect your drive
- Reinstall CDRWin

If CDRWin was on that CD you lost, then:

a) You got ripped off, and....
b) You're buggered!

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