I installed window 7 in local disk c and give 40mb space but unfortunately the space is showing 20gb,how can I do for more space in local disk c, I want to more software like photo shop and other. THANK YOU

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You can start by being more helpful when you post. For example, you said you gave it 40mb and now the space is showing 20gb. That statement is confusing if not meaningless.

  1. how big is your physical drive
  2. how is it currently partitioned
  3. how much free space do you have in each partition

A screencap of the diskmgmt.msc display would be useful. Depending on your answers, the solution may be as rproffitt says, to simply reinstall. However, you may require something like linux live USB with gparted to resize your partitions. I can advise further once you provide more information.

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Just use partition manager in windows or a third party software like "EASEUS PARTITION MASTER" They used to do a free version, maybe still do. The 40mb would of been a temp partition for windows install files. if that partition is showing in your "Computer" list just go into manager and extend it or remove it.
It really is a simple excercise once you know how so dont get too disheartened about tackling such a task :-)
Also when you're doing a fresh install of windows always use "Custom" and delete any unwanted partitions but not the smallest as i said windows needs that partition for temp files. When you delete any other partitions your primary will automatically grow in size. Remember (re windows 10) if you decide to intall that , if the "next is grayed out delete all partitions and windows will automatically set your primary partition as it installs windows.

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delete any unwanted partitions but not the smallest as i said windows needs that partition for temp files

Can you please clarify what you mean by this? Unless I misunderstand what you are saying this statement is completely false.

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