Hi everyone,

I have a question here. Why am I unable to play an audio CD created with Windows Media Player in my car or stereo CD player? When i play the CD in my player it shows an error "CD not found".

Type of CD - CD RW
Type of extension that i have burned is - .mp3

I need a solution for this.

Please refer to the attached file (photo of the CD player)

Thanks in advance.

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An audio CD uses .WAV files and is of a specific format. You are basically creating a data CD with mp3 files I think. Get something like Alcohol 52% or Alcohol 120%. Alcohol 52 is free. Alcohol 120 is not. That is the best CD burner that I have found for Windows. Myself, I use Linux, and it has a lot of good tools to convert and burn MP3 files to a real audio CD - all free, of course! :-)


Thank you rubberman. Can i convert mp3 songs to .WAV and burn song with Windows Media Player?



I would think you can burn the MP3's to CD using Windows Media Player just make sure it is set to audio CD when burning.


  • Let us know how it goes
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