Now this is really weird. I have an IBM R40 laptop, several years old. All of a sudden (today), the screen backlighting goes off after 18 seconds. I can get it back on by moving the screen on its hinges (fore and aft), it comes back on for 18 more seconds and then goes off again. The screen is still active (I can see the data on the screen in a bright light), the laptop otherwise works, it's not in hibernation or in screen saver mode).

Today I timed it several times. The backlighting cuts out after exactly 18 seconds but everything else is working! It's just like clockwork: move the screen, it's on for 18 seconds, then the backlight goes off! The laptop otherwise works fine. Move the screen again, and it's on for another 18 seconds then the backlighting goes off again?!?!

Does anyone have any ideas of what could be the problem?

Thanks, Bob

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Well, I got my problem solved by replacing the cable to the LCD (that powers the backlight). Everything works fine now. The backlight, the inverter and the LCD was fine, just the cable was bad. It cost $35 for labor and $60 for parts.


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