Hiya, Please help me.
I have recently reinstalled XP Windows Professional on my PC.
Everything is working fine but i have lost my sounds...::(:(:(:'( !!
I have an aspire T660 S970..i have lost my CD which could have helped me..Does anyone have a hardware installer which i can download??? please hellppppp,:S i am pretty clueless about this these, !!
I will be very very grateful to any good soul out there who helps me out :)
hope to hear from someone soonnnn... many thanks in advance xx :)

Hello,i am Aritra.It seems that your soundcard is not working properly.To find out,click on run on the start menu and type dxdiag.A box will come up.click yes.Another box named DirectX Diagnostic tool will start.Click on the sound option.Then click on the Test Directdraw.If sound is heard,understand that there is no problem with your sound card.Go to www.driverguru.com or www.altavista.com and put the name of your Driverdisc and the model number and download the sound driver.Install it.It should work.If it still doesn't work,run a virus check.But if you don't hear sound on clicking test directdraw,you will have to change your sound card.You may also do it after a C:\ format using xp disc