i have a Intel Dual (R) 3.06 . But it is showing 1600 MHZ in mother board of BIOS mood.
Do anyone have any solution?

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Try resetting your cmos, your motherboard manual will tell you how.

The bios of most systems today will throttle back the CPU speed if the system isn't doing much, which is the case when viewing the bios. Download and install into Windows the CPUZ application and see what it says. Also, check that your system is running in "performance" mode in Windows.

some years ago i got this problem then i open mother board bettery and
jioned this. by this i removed this problem

Hey, make sure you're seeing the right thing. It could be that it is showing the bus speed. And yes as rajhoq12 said, the battery might give a problem. You'd want to check that out too.. :)

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