Yesterday, my laptop cannot be opened. When I start it, ithis is what it shows: "Press any key to boot". What seems to be the problem? What part of my laptop? Is it the hard drive? Thank you for the answers. I badly need it, our project is in the laptop.

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@gann1. Well this is how most folk learn about backups. When I'm starting a new project one of the steps is to get backups going in case of a machine problem.

You didn't reveal much but can you boot some Live CD/DVD/USB to see if the HDD contents are still there. No learning Linux. Read my old advice at and use a more current distro for this quick test.

If you see your project, copy it out first.

@rproffitt thanks a lot.

hi, please check your cd drive, usb port or any printer if installed...then push the start buton then immidetly keep hits F5 or F8 button in top row of this you will see some starting optiions on screen then select "last good configratuion" by up-down aero keys and hit enter this can may help you.... and after its starts normally.... then press ctrl+r to open run window.. type there "%tmp" and hit enter an temperory folder will open where unwanted data goes.. you can select all and delete them with "shift+del" may be some files will not delete so you can left them

hi @gann1. just try going in a computer shop and ask them just to be sure.. ;)

Been there, done that. It also happened to my laptop. Luckily, my friend saw how desperate I was that time and recommended to go to his uncle who happens to be an IT expert. At first, he turned on the laptop. But it didn't worked. Then he turned it off again. He tried to turn it on again, and went to CMOS. He checked the whatever there. and this. and that. He told me that the HDD was not detected.. So I already panicked 'cooozzz all my files are there, and I don't have any back up.. But my friend's uncle didn't stopped there.. He decided to open my laptop.. He took out my laptop's HDD and tried to looked at it if there's any problem.. It looked physically fine, so he put it back. And put the cover on and screwed it.. I'm already nervous.. I was like, "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.. Please work!!" Then my friend's uncle turned on the laptop again, and it finally worked. So that's it. I hope it will help you and work on your laptop too..

I agree with @lidia_prog . It's one of the common solution. One tip though, always use it's bag. And handle it with care.

I used to work on an old AGC/SCADA mainframe (circa 1980) and everything was on large (18" square) boards with edge connectors. The connections would eventually oxidize and become intermittent. Also, some of the chip connections on the boards would suffer the same problem. The solution was to periodically take the system offline (we had a hot standby to take over), remove the boards one at a time and flex them. This was done by grabbing the board at the edges and giving it a quick upward and downward jerk. The procedure was named for the sound the board made when flexed. Thus, out maintenance manual had the phrase "wooga the boards".

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