help, my gateway NE511will not turn back on after I tried to replace wireless card. fan turns on for 2-3 seconds and stops. once in a while the blue light comes on. it has an internal battery and I tried the reset to no avail. cannot find any parts online for this system. any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.


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Go back to how it worked. I can't assure you if this model has a whitelist of wireless cards (I must shortchange you here, use google if you didn't know.)

If it doesn't come back with the original setup, then you are dealing with a dead laptop. Can you give me a voltage reading on the CMOS battery? (As a laptop tech, I have to assume you have the right gear.)

Remove the rechargeable battery and then try to power up with the ac power connected. If it works then reconnect the battery.

k I disconnected the battery and plugged in tn ac power = no go
reconnected the battery = the fan does not spin anymore, so I am worse off now lol
thinking mobo is toast

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