Hi guys i need an urgent help. i have been givien an acer aspirs 5516 laptop to repair but i am facing some problem.

The laptop has have water poured on it. but when you boot it the power LED comes on and the fan start to run for some time.
after two secound the fun dies out and the LED stays on. but the laptop don't boot what can be the problem and how do i repair it. this is urgent.

Okay, so it is powered. Can you see anything on the screen? It may be the graphics card that doesn't respond. Try removing it (if possible), drying and cleaning it an re-insert. If that doesn't work, try booting with another graphics card (again if possible)

Does the fan appear to be running at normal speed? Open the laptop and inspect the motherboard. Make sure nothing is still wet inside of the laptop. If the fan is not operating at normal speed, the CPU will quickly overheat and the computer will not boot.

Make sure there isnt any water between the RAM modules either.

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