Hey everyone,

We currently have 7 computer labs with atleast 20 pc's in each. We have to lock the equipment so that it's not taken and our currently solution is to catch all the cables in a padlock and lock them.

While this works and stops people from being able to take stuff, for us, we have a huge bunch of keys and have to go through each - one at a time - when trying to find the right key to open the lock. (We bunch the keys by lab so we don't have 140 keys on one lock :-) )

Does anyone have a suggestions for alternatives that we could use instead?


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Desktop PCs or laptops?

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Desktop PCs or laptops?

Cables for Desktop PCs, VGA, Ethernet, Mouse & Keyboard

Would it not be easier, and probably cheaper (in wasted time saved and cost of cabling/locks etc) to install a decent security system for the building/labs instead? Make it as hard as possible for anyone to get in and out, coupled with a decent digital CCTV system to help identify anyone that did and insurance to cover any losses?

Alternatively, you could try searching Google for 'secure computer lockdown plates' and 'secure server enclosures' which might throw up some new and easier to manage ideas...

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