Gateway GT5476e
Windows Vista Home Premium

Alright, so I'm trying to Restore to Factory Settings. I do the normal routine...
F8 at startup
Choose the "Repair your Computer" option

Everything seems to go fine at first, until computer loads up to the Welcome Screen. Except on this screen, there are none of the normal users. Just one, labeled "Other User"; no login/pass works for it. Tried the default Administrator/nopass too, didn't work.

I tried using UltimateBootCD to try and boot from the Recovery partition that way, I still came up to the Welcome Screen.

I used the System Recovery once before, 1-2 years ago. It worked fine.

This problem started yesterday, the very first time I attempted this, I got an error saying that some file was either missing or not working(I don't remember which) and restarted the computer. I had made the assumption that this problem would be repeatable so I didn't copy down the filename. Well it hasn't happened since, that's when the Welcome Screen problem came up.

I've tried to find a place to order recovery discs. Gateway's support site gives me nothing but dead ends. Gateway chat told me they don't even have the Recovery discs for this computer anymore and my best option is to buy a new retail version of windows.

I'm hoping someone here can help me before it comes to that, all help is greatly appreciated.

If you didn't try it already, just press enter with no password and see if it will take that as "no password set". The link below probably reflects what you are already doing but if you are getting to the password step and can't get by it, then you need a different approach.

You can download a Vista recovery "disk" from the website below:

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