I have a technical room in my flat where I have (among other things) two meters counting the use of hot and cold water.
To automate the task of reading these counters I want to use a Raspberry PI model 3 with a camera module, controlling the process from an app on my Android phone - or from my Linux PC as well.
The two meters are placed in the inner part of the room, and because I'm a little short of space in my flat I need to put up a wall (to be easily removed when needed) so that I could use the rest of the room for storing goods.
To be able to read the meters after setting up the walls I need some sort of light source connected to my rp model 3 (preferably using the GPIO-contact) which could be controlled by software.
Does anyone know about a ready-made solution which I could use ? I don't want to use much time to make something of my own.. :-)

I'm going to forward this to my grandson who is an expert in this sort of stuff.

I will let you know if/when I hear back from him.

rubberman: Thanks. I'm looking forward to hear from you (or him)... :-)

Here is what he said: im guessing ready made light for the RPI ? or do they mean the meters, in either case there isn't a ready made solution, it doesn't take much time to wire a little led light off the 5 V line with a diode or resistor to drop the voltage.

Thanks for the information. I'll look to see if I can find another solution. Maybe I could use some of the led lights which could be directly connected to the camera module.

And yes: I was thinking of a light on RPI, not on the meters themselves... :-)