I have had this PC I built myself for almost a year now (probably a little more than a year, I lost count. Lol). LITERALLY this morning I was on it messing around with a friend, then just a moment ago I tried installing a some case LED lights. I turned off the PC via the switch on the power supply before doing so just to be safe. After following the instructions carefully, I turned the PC back on to test the lights, then the front fan's light and power light started blinking. The fans came on each time the lights blinked, so I immediately unplugged the lights and turned off the power supply for a few minutes...after turning it back on, same result. I looked up another thread on here and tried holding down the power button for 15 seconds then for a minute. Then I tried plugging the power supply directly into the wall and not a power strip, then when I unplugged the DVD/CD drive like another thread saide, the fans stopped coming on with the light. Almost like I made things worse...
I listened to the power supply and it makes a quiet noise, which makes me think it's the power supply that's fried. But there's also that little green light on the motherboard that blinks with the power light, so I'm confused if that means the motherboard is fried or the power supply. I wanted to get some assistance to figure out which it was before ordering new parts.

If you need the names of the parts I have in it, I will gladly tell you if it means getting my PC up and running again! I really need it working asap...

Thank you so much for the help ahead of time!

  • Pam

I have also noticed after switching the PSU off or unplugging it, the power button along with the PSU fan stay on for a few seconds before actually turning off. That's gotta mean something about it being the PSU...?

A friend had me list as much info about my PC as possible, and he says my PSU was too low of a wattage for all that I had in the first place and the LED's just tipped the scale. I had added a graphics card to my PC that might've made it to where I needed a new PSU anyways. I'm going to just go ahead and order a new PSU to see if that works at all...

Just a note about selecting a PSU. I wish it was as simple as adding more Watts. There are junk PSUs that split the +12V rails and you end up back where you started. So here's my advice.

Go ahead and add 50 to 100 more Watts but also get a "Single Rail" model.

first thing you need to do is remove the JED that you add, unplug the power cable. if the PSU have a power reset button hold that in see if show green. if it does your PSU is good. with the power cable still out, hgold your PC power button for 15 to 20 seconds. then plug in the power cable and power on the PC.

i never saw where you mentions what was the wattage on the video card and the PSU. if you are pulling too much power you will nto be able to power on. Also are the LED light pulling power directly from the PSU or is there any connection to the MOBO.

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