Hi all,

I've been given a modular PSU that has a cable missing.
Namely the 4 pin ATX +12 volt power cable - the one which plugs in next to the CPU.

I've not been able to find a replacement (all I can find are extension cables).
If I make up my own cable from spare PSU's I have is there any chance of causing damage to the PC or the PSU itself?

For instance if the wires are of a different diameter or resistance than the original cable.

Any information you can give is greatly appreciated.



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commonly called the P4 plug ,im no expert ,but i alter things and i would cut off the 4 wire plug for the hdd or cdrom drive and connect the square P4 plug to and try it,the volrage is the same .keep in mine that i never tried it ,but earlier p4 plugs were the same shape of the cdrom plug ,and we just used any one of the available plugs on the cpu

Hi Caperjack,

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

You're response made me wonder, could I plug in a P4 extension cable into 4 pins of the 12v 8 pin cable (P8?) and get the same result? The P4 extension cable does fit (I've just checked).
I thought I'd ask your opinion before trying it! I presume the voltage is same on this also.
Again, thanks for the reply.


yeah, that will work ,i forgot about them converters

Thanks, I'll give try that then...


P.S. I'll let you know if it works!

Thanks again.


Hi again,

Well I tried the PSU (a Jeantech 'Arctic' 600w Modular cable thingy by the way) using the info above, in an old DELL I have. But it won't boot using the PSU I've been asking about. If it's because of the P4 cable off of 'half the P8(?) cable (as above - I don't know).
After doing some more reading about this PSU I think I may just give up on it...
Every review or comments about Jeantech power supplies are not very good and don't fill me with confidence so I think I'll just play it safe and not risk using it.
The reason I did ask in the first place is that it 'looks' a nice PSU with modular power cables (which I believe can aid cooling) and also a higher output in watts (600w) than any of the PSU's in my other PC's.
I wanted to have all the best parts in 1 PC but the best PC I have works, so maybe I should leave it be...
Still - thanks for the advice, as always it is much appreciated.


Well after finding this, I'm now unsure again whether to keep trying to get it working...

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