I'm In Need Help I Want To Know If Any One Has Had This Problem The Computer Comes On An Say (to BeGIN Click User Name) After Clicking On Name It Say Loading Personal Settings After That Nothing Is It A Virsus

Thanks Joe

how ofen has this been happening? if its only just started then it maybe a virus in which case seeing as the machine wont open your windows desktop you will need to reinstall windows.

if on the other hand you are a complete newbie to computing then give the machine a couple of minutes to load up. it could be slow.

need a bit more info for this. has it always been like this or has it just started. was it moved just before it started. anything about strange behaviour in the few days before the problem, however insignificant you may think it

This happened to me. Its a device driver problem / corrupted user settings file.

Have you tried letting it sit for awhile and see what happens (go grap a drink or something and come back.

Also, why did you capitalize every word?

if your a new user and u try to post in all caps it changes it to just the first letter of every word to stop ppl flaming all the time