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Well I work tech support at Midstate College and a student brought in a funky lapto. It boots ok, but after running for a bit, the screen begins to get discolored and the image on the screen seems to pull the bottom right hand corner. I attempted to run various spyware programs but after a few minutes the screen would get very screwy. Since she had little to no files to save, I decided to reformat it. In which was a failure. I noticed that the laptop is hotter than other laptops I have previously worked on. Can anyone give me any more advice? I believe the heatsink could be the cause of the problem and I pray that it is not the motherboard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks TechGeekEli

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The heat is unbearable!
Try this, Pull out fan heatsink heatube assembly.
Look really good for discolored ie, burnt area.
Look really good inside fan, you'll see the hidden dust bunny wad that is stuck in the corner, get ALL dust out, go back and get more dust out.
Use an excellent thermal paste, you know, light coated only, and reassemble.
I probably don't need to tell you this is standard procedure for all laptops, but I posted for others to read.

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