hello yesterday morning when i turned my computer on the top half of my monitor went black.. i have bought a new monitor but im would like to know what caused it to go blank??

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If the old monitor still exhibits the half-screen problem when attached to another computer, and another monitor works fine with your current video card, a likely explanation would be that you've had a failure in the vertical scanning circuitry inside the monitor.

is there any way i could fix it?

A monitor/TV repair shop can most likely repair it for you, but depending on the value of the monitor, the repair cost might not be worth it.

Before going that route though, I'd ut the defective monitor on a working computer first. If the monitor still exhibits the problem, then the fault does lie in the monitor.


This is an irritating problem!! my monitor would go half screen once it plays any video file using windows media player, powerdvd or any other software. that is it will be playing in left half and right half is blank!! Once I shake my mouse it will become back to normal. What is the problem ?? is it with my monitor or video card??
Also when it plays games, games will be blurred and cannot display properly!!

please reply as soon as possible!!!

could be any of the two, have u tried using the monitor on any other machine to test whether it works fine on it. If it does than probably it is the card.


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