I just bought a 32GB USB stick to store 15.7GB of video on. When I get about halfway, any more video files I add will not play, or in most cases will not even show up. I've tried reformatting a few times.

Which filesystem are you using?

You can also do a quick check with diskmgmt.msc, or, if you are willing to do a little reading you can use diskpart.exe.

What kind of USB stick ?

you must formate your usb with NTFS file System

If you use it to transfer data between Mac and PC, then it is FAT formatted, and FAT only supports files up to 4 GB.

Testing takes time, but one simple test can find a lot of problems like fake sticks. Just write the three byte pattern 0x55AAFF over and over, and then verify it. If it is a fake stick, the 3 byte pattern will go wrong. To speed writing an checking, you can extend the 3 byte block to 24 bytes so 8 byte writes can be used.

If that works, do again with a 1 and then 2 byte stagger in the pattern, so all bits are tested both ways with adjacent bits opposed.

Writing and reading a 32G stick 3 times takes quite a while. Frauds depend on this to mask their faking!

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