I have a problem with my printer, I have a deskjet hp printer which is attached to my computer . Just yesterday I started to have problem with it, when I tried to print any msword document,it wasn't printing and the print job was not appearing in the print
window at the right bottom side of the screen. I checked the drivers
and they were installed without any problem. I re-installed the drivers and tried printing again but it didnot work. I checked the printer icon in the Printers and Faxes and it said something like this "Operation couldnot continue, because the printer spooler is not running"

I checked the services and started the printer spooler but it also didnot solve the problem and when I checked the printer spooler again in the services, it was stopped.

I wanted to know what exactly could be the problem with the printer?

Can anyone help?


It is not a problem that the print server is stopped just make sure it is set to automatic not disabled in services.

Then try this: Start > Run > and type in sfc /scannow

I already did that? I set it to automatic and started the spooler service in services but still it was turning back to stop.

I donot understand what is the major problem?

Does SFC means surface scan?

Close but no it means "system file checker", i dont know how to reinstall the spooler service or if it is possible but this way you can try repair the associated files.