HI :)) I just bought a canon pixma mp520 and also the new ink cartridges. The thing is the printer doesn't print anything except black texts. With the color texts, the printer just skipped straight to the next black ones. I tried cleaning and deep cleaning options already, did the nozzle check but the result came out only in the black ink option in perfect condition. Tried to print color and also black and white pictures, papers alway came out blank. I already checked the printing color option on the way out and all the other stuff. So i'm pretty stuck now. Thanks in advancec if you can help me with this

Did you remove the tape/film from the new colour cartridge before you inserted it?

commented: I have made that mistake. "Doh!" +15

I'm pretty sure I did. The thing is it seems like the printer just doesn't print or recognize the color cartridges at all. With the pattern check, the result was only for black ink which was on point. It didn't even print any faulty color lines or whatsoever

Sounding very much like a 'return to vendor and exchange for one that isn't broken' scenario to me. Why waste your valuable time trying to make something work that you've just bought, and which should be working out of the box?

If it's not telling you to change the cartridge, it probably does recognize them as being present. And if it's not printing colour even in the test patterns, you could have a faulty printer head which, in Canons, is usually not a part of the cartridge. It's an expensive part, worth more than the cost of the printer usually. Better to take it back to the vendor for a replacement, rather than getting the part replaced under warranty, which could result in you getting a refurbished part.

Open your printer driver's Properties dialog and look for a color option that uses black only. Uncheck it or select an option that enables color. Some color printers have different resolutions for color and black-and-white (usually higher resolution in black-and-white).