Hello everyone!
and Seasons greetings!

I'm thinking of putting together a new PC and I don't know what type of specs would suit me best.
Here's what I usually do with my PC:

1 : To be honest, it's web browsing. But I want to be able to play 4k video with now stutter.
2: Photoediting, graphics design (vector graphics like inkscape), desktop publishing
3: 3D modeling: I don't depend on graphics editing and 3D modeling professionally but I do find myself using these apps quite often.
The main problem i have with 3D modeling on my current PC is very long render times.
4: video editing: again, not regularly but on and off. I dont need to be able to edit super high resolution video.. just 1080p should be enough.
5: gaming: I'm not an avid gamer but i do use a lot of sims (flightgear, dirt rally) and the occasional RTS and i want decent (>60 FPS) frame rates.

Finally of couse the budget: I'm looking to keep it under 950 $ if possible.

I'm looking for broad suggestions. For example, should I spend more on a multicore processor or more on a graphics card? or RAM?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you! :D

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