I have an HP dv6000 that will power up but not do anything else. It has xp pro w/sp2.
There are two faint beeps after powering up.
Nothing appears on the monitor.
The cd/dvd drive spins up but the hard drive never engages.
The system will then try to restart itself.
The only changes that I recall were automatic updates. The computer actually stopped working about a month or 6 weeks ago.
If I recall correctley, before it stopped working completely, the screen went blank once and there was no response, I powered it down and started it back up. I think it started back up right away and was alright, then a couple of days later it wouldn't start back up right away, but did start. I think it worked for a couple more days before the current state.
I have removed the hard drive and been able to access it.
I tried creating a boot disc but it didn't boot the computer.

I hope this is enough information to give you an idea of what the problem might be.

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Yes that was good information. But there is not much I can offer you, maybe someone else here has some Ideas but you have bad situation.
Two questions,
1. Did you check the hard drive when you accessed it externally?
2. What happened when you tried to boot with boot disk and what disk was it?

Yes, I was able to accss the hard drive and all the data on it.

Nothing different happened with the boot disk. I downloaded the boot disk from the ultimate boot cd link on your postings. I don't know whether I did everything properly. I tried a couple of different links and extractions to get the iso file.

As i said in another thread, this model of pavilion has a design defect. The GPU(graphic processing unit- NVidia chip in this case) gets overheated due to bad design in the cooling system. The GPU with repeated heating and cooling cycles develops cracks in the lead free solder. This usually happens after 1-2 years from purchase depending on use. This can fixed by a professional in BGA rework. Also what needs to be done is the thermal pad between the GPU and heatsink has to be replaced with a 2mm thick piece of copper. This isn't recommended to be done at home unless you have experience in BGA rework. Sure there are videos that promise to show you to fix this with a hot air gun, bu the fixes are temporary. The secret is to replace the thermal pad with copper. This is a permanent fix. No boot disk will help you in this case. Only reflowing the GPU properly and replacing the thermal pad will fix this. Also a bios update is needed to keep the fan on.


Hold power button until the little blue light that is beside the card reader goes out. That will get you restarting and will work itself out and go away once all updated.

Maybe swap DVD drives to install Vista (use YouCam for webcam and QuickPlay for remote control to work)Hope this helps...

This worked for me, I had black screen, continuous restarting, no bios, etc...

Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit
(was XP Media Center Edition)

There are lots of posts on this topic. The response by Trionztek summarizes the key problem with these machines. If you have eliminated other possible hardware problems (e.g. by re-seating the memory boards and trying one at a time) then the video board solder is the likely problem. I have the same problem on a DV9000 but I have been able to get around it. Don't know if this will work for you or anyone else but it's worth a try.

Boot the machine while holding down the Del key. If you don't get the initial HP screen, then shut the machine down by holding down the power button until it turns off. Push the power button again while holding down the Del key. Keep forcing it to power down and then boot it again for 5 or 6 tries. It usually takes me that many tries before it works. If you get to 10 or 12 tries and it still won't start, then you have a more serious problem that is preventing it from booting. I had that situation a couple of times and I found that my hard disk needed to be re-seated and then it would work. If it can't see your hard disk, it isn't going anywhere. I found in my case that I could boot from my Windows install disk (after a few tries using the procedure above) and I could then get into the bios and I saw that there was no hard disk listed.

If you can get it to work, then you may want to just leave it running rather than struggle through the boot process on every startup. Just don't let it sleep or hibernate because once it cools down, you'll be back to the start-up problem again.

Good luck.

The fact that you say that the two beeps are faint might indicate that the CMOS battery needs replacing.
Otherwise 2 beeps-
1. Memory error -check and clean memory modules.
2. Possible low power supply (PSU replacement).

Hold power button until the little blue light that is beside the card reader goes out. That may get you restarting and will work itself out and go away once all updated.

If this does or does not work, please post your results for the benefit of others.

For whatever reason the delete plus power button worked after a few try's

That has been working for me every time I've tried it over many months now. I bought another laptop so I don't use it often anymore but when I need it, that 'trick' gets it started. You are the first person I have heard from who go this to work for them. I suspect that it would work for others as well but you must shut it down completely between tries and be prepared to try it a few times.

HP Pavilion dv6000 soda bored on it on the laptop i removed everything and washed the motherboard with thinner but now is not turn on power button.
pliz assits

Hi. Maybe you would like to create a new thread first in the same forum and many volunteers will start to help. Thanks and good luck:)

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