I am going to get my new laptop soon but the cpu is AMD Phenom II X3 N830. It is a socket S1, but I was looking at some quad core Phenoms on ebay but either a) they were slow speeds b) the ram would be only 1066MHZ supported.

I do not care about price right now.

Is there any intel cpu's using this sockets?

I would like the cpu's to be at least 2.3GHz quad core, support 1333MHz ram (8GB ddr3 would be used), have 3dNOW (not sure if its to important - but sounder faster...), hyperthreading if possible on a laptop.

Other fourms said the TL-68 is the best but its only like dual core 2.4? Why would it be better?

Thanks for the help!!!

Laptop- HP Pavilion dv7-4065dx (if you need mobo specs or somthing...)

Oh my god! Whatever you do don't go and buy an HP DV series laptop. They are currently THE most unreliable and expensive to repair laptop there is! You are lucky indeed to see one at 18 months old and still working with it's original motherboard.

I see problems with the DV-6 mostly, I have not heard of many issues from the 7 series though.... Look I repair laptops too... it will piss me off when I have to pay for a new mobo but look it works and as long as it works for a year or two I am fine then I will buy a new laptop... I am not hoping for it to last longer but I am looking to upgrade it and not your opinion on that....c'mon

My opinion is, that because of it's inherent unreliability upgrading it is a complete waste of money. I have soooo many dead DV's in my workshop waiting for customers to make a decision on that it's getting ridiculous! Every single one of them has graphics failure. Every single one of them needs a new motherboard which is likely to fail just as the original motherboard has all because HP know there is a major manufacturing flaw in them but refuse to do anything about it because they are making bucket loads of cash from repairing them.

Can a consumer design items such as cases and motherboard layouts and laptop designs? I mean some has most things that people want but there should be items that have everything the consumer wants for a resonable price (of not 1,000's but maybe several 100). A consumer designing for consumers.... do any companies do this? Or buy plans off of other people....?

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