I am currently working on my HP Pavilion g6( I do not know that there is a rule regarding mention own laptop's brand so you can edit here if you think it violates your rules).

So I have two basic issues in which one is my laptop always shut down whenever it comes below 13% battery charge and we all know that every laptop even my laptop some week before give me the warning to charge my laptop but now there is no message appear on my screen.

The second issue is over-heating and it becomes a headache in hot summer days so I want to get rid of this issue so please help me.

Please note that my laptop will complete 10 years this month.

Re: Issues Regarding My Laptop's Battery And Overheating? 80 80

At 10 years it did well to get to that age. As to the battery alert that would be some software that may need installing. I can not pick this app for you but I'm sure you can research what's out there.

As to the over-heating, at 10 years you know to do a deep cleaning with canned air and replace fans that don't work like new. In this case there are many YouTube videos on laptop deep cleaning which means I can stop here on that topic.

Example article about battery alarm apps and Windows settings: https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/get-alerts-when-your-laptop-battery-is-low-or-full/

PS. Another issue I find with old laptops at 2 years and on is the battery is old, tired and can't be trusted to read correctly as to remaining charge. We pick up a new battery off Amazon and correct this issue most of the time under 30 USD.

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