Hi dear fellows,

I requested from a friend (who sells machines) a PC, to remplace the current and old one I use, he proposed me a second hand PC which characteristics seem quite reasonnable, considering the price (300€ ~ 339.39 USD).

My main concern is about he GPU, it's a Quadro K620...

If I buy this machine, I will use it with Fedora32 x86_64, mainly for Blender 2.8x (for renderings, 2d and 3d); so my question is:

Is it worth it?

Do you have any feedback, example(s), stories, etc, to share, so that I can make a decision? Did you have problem(s) with Blender, is the Fedora driver ok (or will I have to install the Nvidia driver), etc?

I'm not rich, and this expense is not something I can take lightly...

Thanks in avdance!

Re: Quadro K620, Blender, Fedora 32 80 80

That's not a simple question but for me I feel that you should test what driver works for you. You do have choices as noted at https://negativo17.org/nvidia-driver/ and many other sites.

The is it worth it question could be about the PC but a 300 dollar PC is just that. If one had the time then comparing 300 dollar PCs would be a full time job. Our office pretty much sticks to the core i7, 1050ti, SSD, 16GB RAM as the base model for heavy users and the lesser i5, SSD, 8GB RAM for the office work.

Blender does use the K620 CUDA cores so that's some good news.

Since my wife is the one using Blender and not on Fedora I can't offer much there. You can google up about folk that have blender issues so it's clear to me that it does work.

commented: Useful insights! Thanks a lot rproffitt! +3
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