Just bought a new pc,intel i7 2600 (integrated intel hd 2000),4x2 ram,1tb hdd.
Worked normal for a couple of hours of gaming (ETS2,idk if its cpu heavy)then suddenly it turned off.Waited for a couple of minutes then it turned back on normally. Weird i thought but alright. After some time, turned off again,but this time shows a blue screen that reads about something (windows has problems or something). Turned off, couldn't get it to turn on from then.
Its been about 10 days.
To be precise,i turn on the pc,hear one beep and then the fans get louder and louder but there is no signal showing.
Im sure it isn't about the cables (VGA)(already tested that).
My cpu seems fine,hdd seems okay,inside of the pc is clean and newly built.
I also tried cleaning the ram,putting it in one by one and turning the pc on,didnt work. Tried changing rams locations still didn't work. If i put all rams out and turn it on i hear 2 beeps so im pretty sure the motherboard or the ram isn't the issue.
Can anyone please help me? Today i thought maybe my system failed (Windows). I got an usb,made it bootable with a windows 10 iso.
I can't even seem to get to the bios, my monitor reads there is no signal.
Also i tried switching monitors it wouldnt work on either ones.
It's worth mentioning that,when i bought it,i updated windows 10 to the latest version and updated my video drivers(maybe the drivers caused this,but i doubt).
I don't know what to do anymore,if you need any more info or a picture of the inside of the pc,please tell me.
Please,help me.

I worry here that the story is incorrect as the i7 2600 appeared in 2011 so most of the PCs made with this are far older than 5 years and may be tired and worn out. You might ressurect such with a new motherboard and what else has broken but then again you wrote "new pc" so this is clearly a warranty issue.

What? Can you just try to help me or?
I've used a 2007 intel duo e8400 with 4gb ram and integrated chipset for years,it had no problems
I know it's not the latest but im sure it's powerful if combined with a nice graphic card to run any AAA game.
Do you have any direct advice or?

Try to help or direct advice.

  1. It's a warranty issue. You wrote it's a new PC which I already countered above.
  2. These often need a motherboard, maybe a power supply.

It does not matter that your 2007 PC works or not. PCs are not consistent as to life span but the more you see as I do at the shops you learn that about 5 years is about when you start to see problems. These are fixable by replacing the failed parts BUT once in a while the client wants it to be fixed without changing out the failed parts. You listen and nod then present your estimate for repair.

Also it's old enough (you didn't reveal it's true age so I'll guess here) to need a new CMOS battery. That's 25 cents in bulk at the shop and we often slip one in without charge if the client is reasonable. Sometimes we get lucky and that's it so we charge nothing so there is no warranty and off they go.

It has a motherboard and a power supply,idk how many watts exactly. Thank you for your time sir, I'll take it to the shop.

The problem here with shop rates is this may cost as much as a good used PC. Here you often here of a minimum shop fee which pushes the cost into the area of a new PC.

I wish I had more story but as it stands, it's new so why are you on the hook to take it in for repair?

A likely reason for the problem is that the CPU cooling fan is not properly mounted. As the CPU gets hotter the thermal limiters engage.

Since the CPU is over 8 years old, it could also be due to failing capacitors on the motherboard.

This will cause excessive power draw. You can visually inspect the capacitors. They look like tiny cans on the motherboard.
If they have plastic around the sides, they are liquid capacitors and are likely to fail when they get overheated and the liquid expands causing the capacitor to bulge or leak. These type of capacitors are not present on newer motherboards and have been replaced by solid capacitors that are much more heat tolerant.

Simply speaking.. your machine is overheating... the processor doesnt get "worn out", it either works or it doesnt.... it may get burnt out if you try running the system without suitable cooling.

Your machine is turning itself off as a self protection mechanism - this is a good thing!!

IF you are skilled or inquisitive its time to take the side off the machine and investigate.... IF you are are not then its time to call the support number for the new PC.. If your machine is truely new then you SHOULD really give the supplier the first opportunity to repair the situation, any damage will undoubtabley be blamed on you if you subsequently raise the issue with the suppiier

You will have 3 points of failure for this issue you should check for.. 1, The processor cooling fan 2. any cooling on the graphics 3. any cooling in the Power Supply Unit

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