Hi there
I'm new to this, so I hope I'm writing in the correct section.
I've been looking for a cheap used laptop to run AutoCAD on, but I can't seem to like one for the price
I just need a bit more about minimum specs like CPU, GPU, RAM don't really care about the brand.


I didn't know that people still used AutoCAD (or is it trying to make a comeback?). Anyhow, the graphics are really not that heavy (compared to modern computer games), what you generally need more of is RAM because that type of CAD software often gobbles up a lot of RAM. Other than that, I really can't help you, I mean, you have to do your own shopping. I know it can be hard to find a good deal and a befitting machine.

Yes it's true it is a bit ancient, but that's what we use at work at the moment
just need a bit more practicing at home
The thing is I keep hearing things like "ATI is better for design and nvidia is better for gaming" and I was wondering if there's any other specifics that might help me with the choice.
but thanks anyway I better keep looking