:sad: Have an emachine 420, only about 2 years old, and seems very dead. power connects, and the cpu fan comes on slowwly, and then goes off. press button to start and cpu fan occasionally goes on, psu fan works, and hdd light comes on, but stays continuos, absolutely no sound from the hdd at all. 2 very faint beeps come from somewhere, and thats the lot. Can it be the psu. The machine worked fine when the owner last switched it off to go on holiday for a week, came back, switched it on and thats what happened. I have removed the cmos battery for half a day, and re inserted, no different. Tried unplugging everything, and then reconnecting, still no joy. motherboard? memory? cpu? help:rolleyes:... oh, and hdd works fine when plugged in as a secondary drive to my own pc, and i did change the jumper back.

Sounds like the CPU fan may be defective or has dust in the bearings causing it to not spin or spin very slowly. I would replace this first. If the fan has been bad for a while, the processor may have been damaged due to overheating. Older eMachines were also notorious for prowe supply problems.